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Applop's New Look !!!

How Applop has changed these past few months...

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Applop  has changed a lot over the past 6 months – crossing the geographic boundaries, also range of our services  to the evolution of our new look and revamped look.

Applop is available in 9 countries now.

And on this note Applop is going colorful – Everything, Mobile Apps.

While going global we are changing our logo as well as website and mobile apps.

Applop was started from a small town in India and over a period of 6 months we are serving clients from more that 30+ cities, empowering thousands of small businesses to go online in a matter of minutes and at cost of peanuts. At Applop, not only our logo is changed, but our range of services now includes free sub-domain with each Mobile App so that you can easily promote your app.

Talking about globalization, Now with Applop you can update contents of your app in language of your choice, weather its Indian language Hindi, Bengali, Guajarati or any global language like Japanese, Indonesian, German or French. We support content in more than 37 languages.

We’re introducing a new logo that clearly reflects our Global approach and shows how Applop works for you

It not only simplifies how you make app with Applop in 5 minutes without any coding but also shows how deeply we are working towards making your digital presence simple and easy. We think we’ve taken the best of Applop in 5 pillars through 5 colors that represents in our logo (easy, colorful, friendly, simple, fast). Always committed to deliver the best.

Rahul Singhal

Founder, Applop

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