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Importance of Push Notifications

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In the world of technology, every new day people come up with new and innovative strategies to reach out the target audience and build relationships. With mobile, we have a way that facilitates us to do more interactions with our customers. Push techniques are one of the important strategy in Mobile Applications.

What is Push Notification?

Push notifications are “Instant Messages”. A push notification informs their users about new information related to the App they have downloaded. It is a kind of message that pops up on a mobile device. An App owner can send the message at any time, it isn’t mandatory that the user would be using the device at the time of push notifications. They will eventually receive the message even if their App is closed.

For example: they can show you their latest discount coupons, new articles or any new events etc.

Push notifications looks almost like an SMS message or a mobile alert, but only can be reachable to you, if you have downloaded the App. Every mobile platform has a support of push notifications - Windows, iOS, Android, Fire OS and blackberry all have their own services.

  • Push notifications drive the traffic and increase App engagement but they should neither be too sparse nor too frequent.
  • They are used to keep customers connected with the App as they have a direct reach to the customers. Push Notifications keep customers on alert about the ongoing deals and offers.
  • They are quicker than emails and cheaper as compared to SMS.
  • The analytics based on push notifications can also be used for Marketing, as they can give an insight on customer’s behavior.
  • They are easy to manage, user-friendly and effective.

In short, push notifications are one of the most effective form of customer engagement.

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