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Introducing Applop One

Unlimited benefits for a year

We are happy to announce Applop One, as we are heading towards our third anniversary and 1 Million customer mark we are launching Applop One, our yearly premium membership program where you will get all the benefits of Applop app at yearly fees of Rs. 999.00 only

What is Applop?

Trusted by over more than 700000 professionals and business in India Applop is first choice for anyone to go mobile

Applop is the first mobile app builder specially designed for phones: simple, fast and fun. It's easy for anyone to use and feature rich to make mobile apps with Applop. Applop is free. What kind of apps can you create? Blogs, stores, personal apps, corporate apps portfolio apps, professional apps, event apps, your own e-commerce app. Or literally anything any everything you can think of.
Applop is specially designed keeping in mind the context to Indian users, so that you can make whatever app you want right from your phone, even if you don't write code. Our simple do it for me tool interface allows you to add various different elements in your app. You can add any Facebook page, YouTube Channel, WhatsApp and Jio contacts, Splash screen, Icons and various other customisations

What can you do with your app?
1. Select Icons, themes, colours, app banners, layouts for app to give app your own touch and feel
2. Connect with Facebook page, YouTube Channel, WhatsApp and Jio contacts to stay connected across all platform
3. Configure contact and support options in app so you never ever miss any leads from your customer while maintaining your privacy at fullest
4. Build your portfolio by posting your own products, posts, images, videos, offers, gifs actually anything that needed for your professional or personal mobile app
5. Stay connected with your users through dedicated CRM
6. Make event app with Applop just on few clicks

What is Applop One?

For Applop services now you no need to pay individually, With Applop One all benefits of app can be enjoyed on simple and single yearly plan

1. Ads Free

2. Unlimited Customisation

3. Launch Your App on Playstore

4. Free Icons for your App

5. Publish your own Ads

6. Unlimited Notifications

7. View User Details

8. Unlimited Cloud Storage

9. 24x7 Online Support

How to upgrade to Applop One?

1. Login to Applop App

2. Select Upgrade>Applop One from Left Navigation

3. Use wallet Balance(if any)

4. Select confirm and now you are upgraded to Applop One   

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