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Role of Mobile Apps in Event Industry

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Events create exclusive opportunities for organizations to connect with their existing and future customers.

Technology at events are latest trending addition. Today events require technology integration to stay even with the competition. Paper invites are replaced with a digital experience able to follow attendees before and after the event for total immersion in events.

Exclusive Features:

Mobile apps can help deliver various helpful features like attendee check-in via mobile devices, event schedule details, personalized agendas, event updates, speaker biographies, content for various sessions, and access to all other relevant content directly from mobile devices.

Users can access agendas, rate sessions, maintain appointments, contribute to social media, and stay connected with important.

The event organizers can attract sponsors to their event by providing greater visibility to their brands. Sponsorship space can bring in additional revenue thus sponsors can directly interact with attendees creating deeper connections.

Participation and learning:

Mobile Applications encourage attendees to participate in events and its sessions. The ability to rate sessions in real-time to interacting with social media feeds, such features increase attendee involvement and commitment to the events, its brands, its products and services.

Increase Engagement:

Mobile event applications allow attendees to be more engaged with the event, its featured brands and products, and other participants. Personalized communication can be done via social media, targeted email and sms marketing. Exhibitors are able to quickly find leads and attendees can instantly hone in on the perfect exhibitor — along with contact information, website links, and documentation. Finally, information can be bookmarked and saved in a resource readily accessible 24/7.

Post event interaction:

Create post event surveys and moments that live exclusively in a mobile environment e.g. event photos and other memorable content. Sustain the interaction via push notifications. The organizers can send registration reminders for the next year’s event.

In the past engagement was limited to simple registration and simple communications, but the event Mobile Apps has deepened the level of engagement, building involvement, commitment and satisfaction.

Event Mobile App cycle for the Organizers:

Mobile technology helps everyone involved quickly connect with what’s most important and engage with information on products and services. Such apps can be optimized for any smartphone or tablet.

Applop helps the event organizers to create their event mobile App at an optimum cost.

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