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Jewellery that Never Fades

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Unique Jewelry that never fades! - This idea was a gift from a Father to Son.

Being a Jeweller himself Mr. Kambiri always inspired Akhil to go for jewellery business. When his traditional business hit all time low Akhil was confused whether to pick up his business or not.

In Mr. Kambiri's words "You can always find gifts in hard circumstances if you’re willing to look for them or create them.  Disappointing circumstances often open doors to new opportunities.  So as you go through life and doors close ahead of you, and you face setbacks and disappointments, look around for the hidden gifts.  They’re waiting for you, if only you have the vision to see them."

Akhil and his father both brainstormed and Mr. Kambiri came up with imitation jewellery idea. According to him "Even at Rs 28,700 per 10 grams gold may never lose its sheen but it has definitely made alternatives popular. The price of the precious metal may have shot through the roof, but the desire of women for wearing jewellery has not. This has given a major push to the demand for imitation jewellery."

According to Akhil "People want attractive and affordable jewellery in line with the current trends in fashion. Even if gold prices decrease, artificial jewellery will continue to attract good demand. India is the second largest manufacturer of imitation jewellery after China. Indian costume jewellery has a huge demand in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia and many other Asian countries. "

"2016 is an year of Conversational Commerce"

Akhil switched from Whatsapp to his own app so that he can interact with his clients and take orders. Conversational commerce eventually help brands to connect to consumers and to build meaningful relationships over time.

People Don’t Want Something Truly New, They Want the Familiar Done Differently.

Swankish started a year back with it's unique gold plated 18k gold and platinum imitation jewellery. This imitation jewellery is unique as it never fades and it does not require any polishing. Swankish's designs are unique as well and is not available with any other retailer.

Akhil exports his jewellery mainly to Dubai and Singapore. He has more than 200 B2B clients all over the world. More and more businesses are moving to offering in-app mobile experiences to their clients.


App Name: Swankish

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Owner: Akhil Kambiri

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