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Tangy and Spicy treats in one click!

Success Story 1: Dev Krupa Pani Puri

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This is the story of a common man who took his approach to another level.

Shravan started his venture as an ordinary street-hawker (thele-wala) selling Pani Puri to the local people of Surat. Inspired by Digital India Campaign of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi the tech savvy Shravan decided to sell his spicy treats online.

He turned to Applop for help.

Applop provided him his own customized "Dev Krupa Pani Puri" app in 5 Minutes and gave him his desired online presence.

The App has turned his small venture to a Brand name among the street snack lovers. After the app launch Dev Krupa pani puri has registered its presence all over the snacks industry and his sales increased by 18% in a month.

Now Shravan is Selling Pani Puri to his local clients !

What if you could find these snacks at just one click ??

This App is leading the charts with its tangy and spicy treats!!

At Dev Krupa the pani puri comes in seven delicious gourmet fusions:

  • Hazma Hazam
  • Lehsun
  • Nimbu Taste
  • Pudeena
  • Dev Taste special
  • Regular
  • Jeera Khajur

The combination of chutney with potato, beans and the green spicy water, is a taste like no other. The humble pani puri is a household name in India. Even on the world chart it is registering its presence.

Golgappa in Delhi, Phuchka in West Bengal, Pani ke Bataashe in UP or Palki in Madhya Pradesh – the names and ingredients may differ, but at the heart of it, it is still one of the greatest street snack foods ever.

Dev Krupa Pani Puri is owned by Shravan Gurjar from Gujrat.

You can see these tasty treats all the way from Gujrat using the app “Dev Krupa Panipuri”.


App: Dev Krupa Panipuri

App link:



Amalsad Navsari, Gujrat

You too can create your Mobile App today with Applop!

For more details call: 96443-22222.

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