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Success Story 3: Unique Personalised Gifts

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This is the story about Dreaming Big!

Creativity has no boundaries. It just needs a little push to show its true colors!

Arvind wanted to gift something special to his beloved grandfather. Being an Animator by profession he wanted to do something different. A special gift which could connect him to his grandfather on an emotional level. After a lot of search, he zeroed on to an engraved picture frame with him and his grandfather’s photograph.

This gift idea clicked and his vision to do something creative of his own cropped up in his mind. Inspired from the Startup India, Standup India movement he started his own venture “Unique Personalized Gifts”.

Personalized gift items are where every single item is uniquely engraved, marked or otherwise personalized with a person’s name. The personalization transforms the blank item into a treasured gift. People never throw away anything with their name on it due to its sentimental value.

According to Arvind, the key to success is “Dream Big and Be Persistent!”.

        Persist on telling your audience. Persist on staying true to vision. Persist on staying true to vision.

Next time you hit a hurdle, just remember – you are never far from creating something unique. Work through the hurdle and everyone will remember you for! I guarantee you; your work will be worth the work.” – Austin Madison.

For a long time I’d been playing around with animation, I got into creating photo features. They are excellent to convey short stories. But to put a story in a photograph isn't easy. The learning curve was sharp and my eyes felt like they were on fire through lack of sleep. But I took it as a challenge and learned every mode of personalization : Rotary Engraving, Laser Engraving, Sand Carving, Vinyls etc.

The start was difficult and the required platform was missing. Applop provided the much required platform. In such a short period of time (1 month) Unique Personalized Gifts has more than 10000 Installs.

UPG provides more than 500 products in the following categories:

  • Corporate Merchandise
  • Apparels
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Home and Kitchen


App: Unique Personalized Gifts

Owner: Arvind Jaiswal

App Link:


Create your Mobile App today with Applop!

For more details call: 96443-22222.


App: Unique Personalized Gifts

Owner: Arvind Jaiswal

App Link:

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